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VoIP telephony

VoIP telephony easily cuts your phone bill in half !

At the same time you can work from anywhere.
You'll never need to replace the phone system anymore.

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3CX Phone on smartphone


ICT Services

Your virtual IT guy

Monitor servers and computers.

Manage them centrally or let us take care of it for you.
Your machines always under control, up to date and alarms where a limit is reached.

That's what we call proactive ICT management.
Don't wait until your server goes down, know what is going wrong before it's too late.

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WiFi affordable

And this WiFi solution is not just affordable and professional but also very reliable !
Add to that ease of management.

Actually, why still purchase access points if you can also rent them and thus always have the newest material?

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WiFi offerings by Fly By Wire

Mail and documents in the Cloud

Office 365 (O365): you not only have your mails but also documents and other always available on any device.

Work from everywhere !!

Also ask us for information on SharePoint consultancy to use the maximum potential of O365 and SharePoint.

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Backup worry free

Backup and especially restore shouldn't give you a headache, quite at the contrary.

Have a look at this extremely simple, reliable and affordable cloud backup with free archiving.
Get a free 30-day trial.

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