Buy WiFi? Or rather rent it?

Good Wi-Fi is indispensable

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  Wireless internet is critical to companies and hotels.

This technology however is in constant evolution. Your investment from 5 years ago is probably obsolete today.

Take for example the new 5 GHz band that offers a lot more channels than the popular 2.4 GHz band. So today a dual band WiFi network is a must have to be able to service a number of customers fluently.

Add to that the inevitable noise from all the hotspots installed by the big internet providers at private customers who have no clue how to disable them.

All that souds familiar?

And you want to renew your WiFi network but fear the cost involved?

Then we have the ideal solution for you !

You have 2 possible approaches:

  1. You buy new WiFi antennas far below market prices but with at least the same quality.
  2. You simply rent during a couple of years your WiFi antennas and the management console at Fly By Wire. That way you always have the latest technology in house for a small monthly contribution.

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Don't you think your customer should return a small favour for the free WiFi you provide?

Well, recently Facebook started offering a registration procedure whereby the customer is also asked to check in on your Facebook company page.

As a result, all the customer's friends know that he has just checked in at your place.
So, free advertising for you.

This is very easy to set up and is free of charge.
Contact us quickly for explanation and implementation of 'Facebook Wi-Fi'.

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Placing the WiFi antennas

Placing of the WiFi antennas requires attention and is also of great importance to have a trustworthy coverage with sufficient reception.

We can perform a site survey for you to allow you to know where to pull the network cables to connect the access points.

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The following tools allow you already to analyse some things with your Android smartphone:

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Advantages of Fly By Wire WiFi

  • Professional WiFi antennas that even look good
  • Unbeatable prices compared to the known brands (up to -50 %)
  • No extra license costs
  • You rent and after 4 years we take it all back, replace it by new antennas or prolong your agreement.
  • Flexible contract with a solution sized for you
  • Not satisfied? Get a refund


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Last modified 25/3/2023